Standardization of the Immature Reticulocyte Fraction
Chair: Amrom E. Obstfeld (USA)

ICSH Review and Recommendations For The Use Of Digital Microscopy In Laboratory Hematology
Chair: Alexander Kratz (USA)

Primary Care Point of Care testing in Haemostasis
Chair: David Fitzmaurice (UK)

ICSH Guidelines on Pre-analytic Variables in Haemostasis
Chair: Steve Kitchen (UK)

ICSH Guideline for Laboratory testing of FVIII and FIX inhibitors
Chair: Piet Meijer (NL)

ICSH Standardization of HbA2
Chair: Adrian Stephens (UK)

ICSH Guideline for Internal Quality Control Policy for Haematology Cell Counters
Chair: Richard McCafferty (IRL)

ICSH Guidelines for Standardization of Detection and Reporting of CD34-Positive Blasts in Bone Marrow Biopsies
Chair: Emina Torlakovic (CAN)

ICSH Guideline for the Standardization of Peripheral Blood Film Review and Reporting by Physicians
Chair: Maria Proytcheva (USA)

ICSH Guidelines for MPV Standardization
Chair: Paul Harrison (UK)

ICSH Guideline for the Extended Differential Reference Method
Chair: Brent Wood (USA)