Each Working Group is led by a Chair who will recommend to the Board a team of scientific experts with international representation from the Americas, Europe, North and South Asia and Australasia, including less-developed countries if appropriate, in the designated field of study. For more information on Working Groups, please refer to Article 6 of the ICSH Constitution.

To submit a new Proposal, complete the form below and upload your Proposal as a Word or PDF file. The text of the Proposal must be less than 1000 words and structured as follows:

  1. Title
  2. Aim
  3. Background
  4. Methods
  5. Budget and source(s) of funding
  6. Date of completion
  7. Suggest the names of one or more international experts who could be invited to be members.

Disclosures of Conflicts of Interest: Each member of the proposed Working Group must submit an ICSH Disclosure form.